Building Construction

We have carried out various building construction projects all over Uganda and Kenya. We strive to achieve the best workmanship and implementing projects timely.

Our general construction services picks up where our preconstruction management leaves off, by centralizing and collaborating with everyone related to your commercial construction project. Because of this, our complete general construction services involve working hands-on with each client, project architects and all necessary subcontractors.

coronation developers
Artistic impression of Alucobond cladding for Powder Plant at Brookside Ltd

What Makes Us Different

Our construction services provide the backbone support for a large majority of our projects. This might include the upfront work for structural remediation, roofing repairs/replacement, foundation/footing, concrete and dirt work for ground mount solar systems, insulation or core building wall and ceiling improvements.

You Should Know

We have Designed Coffee factories both Wet and Dry mills for NEUMANN COFFEE GROUP in Uganda. We employ and train good workers expertising both orally and on ground. Coronation has worked with nearly all government organizations and ministries and have carried a good record on services provided.

Let us work with you on you’re next project.