Water Works

Coronation developers provides complete construction services including retrofit and repair of all types of aquatic features including swimming pools, spas, fountains, water features, ponds, lagoons, interactive water play features, water falls, water ways and water habitats.

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What Makes Us Different

Water works is an establishment for managing a water supply to a consumer. It involves a complete system of reservoirs, pipelines, conduits, etc., by which water is collected, purified, stored, and pumped to users. A design plan for the construction and consultation is involved so as to establish a stable flow of water works foundation.

Our work include:-

  • Conceptual and Preliminary Design Planning
  • Process Design and Evaluation
  • Plans and Specifications
  • O&M Manuals
  • Operations Data Management

You Should Know

We employ our own mechanical engineers to carry out plumbing and drainage works. We carry out design of bulk water systems for rural distribution. we also supply filter sand of any quantity for water purification.

Our Drainage services include:

  • Main sewer works
  • Foul and surface water drainage systems
  • Shafts mini-tunnelling, pipe jacking and coffer dams
  • Installation of tanks and interceptors
  • Rain water Harvesting/ Attenuation Systems
  • CSO Chambers
  • Pumping Stations

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